Family business

Family Business Experience & Leadership

Having worked for Tobin Brothers Funerals, a large third generation family business for almost eighteen years, I am acutely aware of the unique advantages and challenges associated with being a family in business. I have also played an active role in Family Business Australia (FBA), the national peak body for Australian family businesses.

Through my involvement in the family business community:

  • I have been an active member of Family Business Australia since 1999, and served on the Victorian chapter steering committee for many years, including two year terms as Victorian Chairman and a member of the National Board of Directors
  • I was a member of an FBA Forum for over 6 years
  • I have been a speaker/presenter at a range of FBA events on topics including Succession Planning, Family Business Competitive Advantage and Family Constitutions
  • Tobin Brothers were twice awarded FBA's prestigious Family Business of the Year Award (Third Generation category) in recognition of the Company's adherence and commitment to family business best practice
  • I have interacted and exchanged views and stories with numerous family businesses throughout Australia informally and at FBA conferences and events/activities

As a result of these experiences, I am a recognised leader within the Australian family business community, and through OutLore Consulting, am able to draw on my extensive family business knowledge and contacts to the benefit of my clients.

Family Business Services

OutLore Consulting offers a range of services to family business clients, which are highly flexible and can be tailored to the needs of you and your business.

Business Health Check

Is it time your business had a health check?

OutLore Consulting offers a comprehensive Business Diagnostic service, whereby I will:

  • Visit you (usually for a day or half a day) to closely assess all aspects of your business
  • Prepare a report identifying areas for potential improvement and opportunities for increased profitability
  • Assist you to implement and address the issues identified.

Advisory Service

Do you have an experienced business sounding board?

OutLore Consulting offers an ongoing Advisory Service, whereby I will:

  • Meet with you and/or your key staff on a regular basis to discuss issues and projects
  • Provide continued advice and support in between meetings to help you stay focused on your goals

Strategy Formulation

What are your business goals and how are you going to achieve them?

OutLore Consulting offers a structured Strategic Planning process, whereby I will:

  • Research and familiarise myself with your business and market
  • Facilitate a structured Strategic Planning workshop
  • Prepare a written Business Plan
  • Present the Plan to you and your key staff
  • Assist you with implementation

Succession Planning

What's your plan for the future?

OutLore Consulting offers a constructive Succession Planning service, whereby I will:

  • Facilitate a process to identify your succession planning options
  • Assist you to implement your preferred option

Buying & Selling

Is it time you considered selling your business, or buying one?

OutLore Consulting offers a range of business transaction services, including:

  • Advice on how to prepare your business for sale
  • Assistance with appraising your acquisition options
  • Guidance with all aspects of the sale or purchase process

People Development

Is your business the preferred employer in your industry/market?

OutLore Consulting offers a range of people development services, including:

  • Mentoring and coaching of key staff
  • Development of your Human Resources infrastructure
  • Formulation of a Preferred Employer strategy

Marketing & Branding

What do you want your business to be famous for?

OutLore Consulting offers a range of creative Marketing & Branding services, including:

  • Facilitation of a Branding Clarification & Alignment Workshop
  • Preparation of a written Marketing Plan
  • Development of marketing livery/collateral and advertising material
  • Maximising your internet presence

Specialist Family Business Services

In addition to the above services, OutLore Consulting offers a number of specialist family business services, including:

  • Assistance with developing your family business infrastructure (Family Constitution, Family Council, Entry Criteria etc)
  • Facilitation of a family business Succession Planning workshop
  • Facilitation of Family Retreats

Martin Tobin